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“I’m passionate about fighting poverty and injustice. Together, we can do more. People and businesses are the catalysts towards prosperity and a better world.”

Christina is an impact investment and private sector development specialist. She is based in Zurich and works in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA), the Levant and advises in China.

Her background in is in tech and financial services – having working in wealth management, and tech consulting in London, Zurich and Bangkok. She has led strategic market development programmes on behalf of donor clients (incl. DFID, World Bank, the FCO) and advises corporates on market entry.
She is a partner at UrbanEmerge, a self-managed development consultancy. Alongside her partners they help develop smart, sustainable, humane and inclusive cities that enable citizens to access greater opportunities, shared prosperity and social justice.

In her consulting roles, she has attracted FDI in the ECOWAS region; particularly in off-grid energy, infrastructure and agri-business. In addition, she worked with ministries and governments in Africa and China on their financial services and FinTech strategies.

Christina supports SMEs and start-ups with investments and market linkages, with a focus on access to finance and impact measurement. She works with IONEC on their digital product portfolio.

She also writes regularly in African newspapers on corporate strategies and sustainability; namely, the Business Day in Nigeria. She has founded GrowthView, which is in its infancy stage.

Christina holds a master’s in global governance and diplomacy, from the University of Oxford. Before that, she graduated magna cum laude from the University of Rochester in political science and economics. She speaks fluent French, Spanish, English and some German.

Want to learn more about Growth View? You can reach Christina via skype at: Christina.Wehbe1