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Hello! Welcome back to Five Things and thank you for tuning in!

I am excited about an exciting new update for the podcast. Just before my interview with Jared and in the time since I had the wonderful opportunity to speak with some experienced podcasters and creatives. These brilliant minds shared some wonderful ideas on how I can provide more value to you, the listeners and I decided to make an exciting change. From now on, each month of my podcast will center around a particular theme or topic! This approach will allow me to do deeper dives and have more perspectives on each topic.

The themes I want to tackle include, sustainability, gratitude, relationships, travel, and many others. My promise to you is that with each interview I will try to help you feel inspired, enlightened, and empowered to take action steps in your life. I always welcome topic suggestions and I encourage you to comment below.

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Thank you for following my podcast journey and for tuning in!