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Our first guest this new season is Satya Chheda Patel and our conversation centers around our career paths and choices and how nonlinear our career journey can be. If you are wondering how you started off in one place and ended up in another then this podcast is for you. I hope you will walk away feeling more empowered about where your career has taken you.

Satya has over 15 years of professional experience supporting people in their career and professional development. She started her career providing mental health counseling at non-profit organizations and then taught global history in a NYC public high school. After transitioning out of teaching, she moved into roles where she coached people & teams through her work at technology start-ups, higher education, outplacement, and global mobility companies.

Satya was instrumental in designing and implementing a 12-week career transition program that was offered to 1000+ employees during a time of organizational restructuring at WeWork. Currently, she is the Director of Career Content at Teal where she leads curriculum design for their career programs for job seekers, career transitioners, and professionals seeking career growth. Satya is a Board Certified Coach (BCC) through the Center for Credentialing and Education and holds an M.A. degree in Counseling from NYU. She sits on the board for Career Development Specialists Network (CDSN), has presented at both local and national organizations, and contributed to multiple articles for BizWomen and TheMuse. Satya is a divorced mom to a teenage boy and lives in Brooklyn, NY.

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