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Welcome to 5 things you didn’t know, but now you do!

This┬ápodcast is your number one destination to learn five things you didn’t know from industry leaders and influencers plus get insights into how they effectively communicate with their audiences.

Each week, guests from the worlds of communications, branding, philanthropy, business, sports, and entertainment will join me to share their five insights and much more!

To kick things off here are five things about me I share on the podcast plus a few more things:

  1. I am Angela Betancourt, the creator, and host of the podcast! Welcome!
  2. I am a communications and marketing specialist with almost 14 years of experience. Learn more about that at
  3. I love meeting new people and learning from them! Please feel free to engage with me and post comments!
  4. I am obsessed with traveling! I’ve been on five continents so far in 2018, and I am always ready for my next adventure. It’s impossible for me to pick a favorite. All the places I’ve been are so different from each other. I will say that I look forward to exploring more of Asia in the new year!
  5. I am incredibly grateful that you are taking time from your busy day to tune in. I hope that by the time you finish each podcast you will have learned something new with me!

Those are five things you didn’t know, and now you do! Thank you and tune in next week!


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